Anne Wright Interiors

One of my favorite things to do is furniture re-finishing; I love being able to transform an old worn down piece of furniture into something new and exciting, molding it into an inspiring piece of artwork.  Some of my most peaceful moments come from the minutes I endure from the beginning to the end of the re-finishing process in an effort to create a new life for the piece I am working on.

It all begins with the stripping process; “how am I going to remove the remnants of ragged history to pave the way for the new and inspiring?”

Next, is the exciting moment when the “sander hits the pavement” so to speak,  and I begin to see the new life of the piece being re-born.  The exposed wood underneath, and the challenges that may arise from stripping away its outer shell in an attempt to reveal the strength and beauty that is underneath, is liken to a hiker tiring edlessly in persuit of the splendor that…

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