“Let there be Light”

Have you ever been in a store, or been watching a show on television and said to yourself; “I like that paint color, and I am going to go immediately to the store and paint my walls”  only to get home and realize that in fact, the color looks nothing like it did in the hardware store or on the television?  What happened?!  you may ask yourself, It looked so good in that other room….

Well, I am here to let you in on a little secret; paint is like anything else that embodies color, It will look completely different depending on its surroundings.  I have seen all too often, a paint color that looks great under bright lights,yet looks dark and gloomy or off color, in a home with very little natural light.  The reason why, is because paint molecules reflect light and change in appearance depending on the time of day, month, or year.  In the same way that the water can take on a certain color depending on the sun and sky on any given day, a nice red can turn ugly in a heartbeat when lighting conditions don’t accommodate it correctly.

Want sound advice?  If you can, hire a color consultant, color consultants are experts in their field, as are Interior Designers, and they go to school or have experience with the effects that certain lighting conditions as well as furnishings, can compliment color.  A golden warm brown may be great in a home with vaulted ceilings and may act as a means to bring in the great expanse of space making it feel warm and cozy, yet in a craftsman home with tiny windows, that same golden brown will make the whole place look as if it 10 times smaller and offer little by way of compliments to your space planning.

If you can not or simply do not want to consult a designer or color consultant, I recommend….I plead, for you to bring your color samples home and really look at them in your every day lighting.  If you think you’ve found one you like, get a little sample of the real paint and paint a square on your wall and live with it a couple of days so you can see it in multiple lighting situations. If you really love it and have no reservations, start with one wall and see how it looks, you can always add complimentary walls in more muted or lighter colors that will actually enhance or define the striking color you have chosen.

Also, many paint stores and websites offer imaging software that will allow you to upload a photo of your home and experiment with the paint colors (although this is only to be used as a general guide because they can’t predict your changes in natural and ambient lighting throughout the day) which will give you an opportunity to see the whole room, or just single walls in the color of your choosing.

Really take the time to evaluate your space and ask yourself, will the whole room being bright blue really be something I can live with, and that will greatly benefit me in the long run?  Remember, paint is fun and in can really transform a room if done correctly so happy painting and of course, here’s Anne Wright Interiors, wishing you the very best of luck!


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